What We Do

Although they say I’m a good writer, still, every year when I am requested to write an Intro about Art of Form and what we do; I simply block! What we do in Art of Form is just too complicated to put down in simple words, no matter how eloquent one is!

Furniture and Design are my passion. My dream was, and will always be, to translate this to beautiful surroundings in every project we work on.

In Art of Form, we believe that no matter the style, budget, location or function of a space; there is always just the right piece for it.

For Us, Art of Form is not only a retailer, we are not a shop or even a chain of shops, we do not sell furniture and accessories; We Create an environment in sync with your dreams.

But how do we do that?!!

Art of Form is a large team of Passionate and enthusiastic experts dedicated to fulfilling every wish and whim of every single client we have. Whether this client is just a “walk-in” looking for a comfortable bed or the most talented Architect with an impossible vision!

Our Sales personnel know what’s on the floor inside out but each one of their Seniors knows what each & every brand we represent can offer beyond our showroom selection.

On top of that, there are the Magicians! A group of Young Architects, Interior & Furniture designers dedicated to designing the most Creative and up to date but Functional Kitchen or Dressing room or navigate the infinite world of furniture and design to be able to masterfully match each & every tiny piece of a mood board to an attainable product that fits perfectly into the space.

A ‘Dream Team’ Led by a highly qualified Civil Engineer who acquired an MBA in finance as well as a Project Management Professional Certification just to be able to pull our feet down to the ground when tedious technical sheets or priced BOQs are needed!

Our office hours stretch to evenings, weekends and public holidays as none of us consider what we do as ‘work’! Every morning is a new beginning on a Canvas where each one of us adds a line, a drop of color or a sketch to harmoniously complete an artistic vision.

A world of Affordable and Attainable beautiful surroundings, that’s what we do and that’s how we do it @ Art of Form.