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Record Cucine

Aiona, the start of a journey. Aiona is a range of exclusive kitchens in the System line, featuring the extremely pared down shape of the doors without handles. The wide variety of oak and ash finishes combined with the endless possible colors of the matt and gloss lacquer finishes make Ainoa the top in terms of versatility and customization. Six design homes for interpreting a taste for functional good looks where everyone can find a part of themselves or gain inspiration for unique and exclusive designs.

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Italian kitchen design from Record e Cucine perfectly blends creativity, design, pleasure of innovative materials and creative use of colors. We do not forget about craftsmanship, tradition, and quality standards. A formula that has allowed Italy to be the home of fashion, the signature dolce vita and, of course, good food together with top-notch kitchens: in all respects. Record gives life to custom kitchen design inspired by definitive Italian style going beyond fashion and aiming at quality of life at home


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